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As a leading online tutoring service, we specialise in providing a catch up solution in Maths, Reading, and Writing for students aged 8-11.

Our mastery approach ensures comprehensive understanding through identification, practice, support, and consolidation.

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Personalised Learning

Our tutors provide tailored guidance to unlock each students full potential. Through interactive sessions and targeted exercises, we cultivate a love for learning and build confidence in reading, writing and maths.

Onboarding Call

When you register your child with Chilli Tutoring, you will be invited to attend an onboarding call. 

This call is designed for us to not only show you and your child through our program, but to also work with you and your child to ensure that we are aware of your concerns and expectations for your child, and any targets that you are trying to achieve through tutoring.

Diagnostic Assessment

Your child will complete a diagnostic assessment before they begin tutoring with us and after each new strand in maths, or after every 6 weeks in reading and writing. 

These assessments, ensure that your child is working towards targets that YOUR child needs, not targets pre-determined by their age.

The purpose of assessment, is to monitor progress and continually revise targets so that your child continues to make steady progress towards mastery.

Adaptive Teaching

Although your child is working as part of a small group online, their learning is always personalised according to their own learning needs through adaptive work. 

This means your child is working on the same topic, for example: addition; however, your child may be working on 4 digit addition, while other child are working on 2 or 3 digit addition. 

This is to ensure that your child is continually progressing through the curriculum at a pace that is right for them.

Personalised Additional learning

Your child will be assigned additional learning to be completed in between our lessons to ensure they continue to consolidate and practise new and previously learnt concepts.

All additional learning, is personalised to suit your child's individual targets.

Mastery Method

Assess and


Expert Instruction

Personalised Chilli Curriculum

Practise and Consolidate

Comprehensive Support

Long term success - MASTERY

Our 3 Step Process

FREE Assessment

Begin your journey by registering your child for a complimentary assessment, designed to gauge their learning needs and strengths. This initial step can be conveniently completed at your pace, ensuring comfort and flexibility for both you and your child.

Personalised Learning Review

Following the assessment, we invite you to schedule a Personalised Learning Review, at no cost, to receive your child's assessment report. During this video session, we will delve into your child's assessment outcomes, offering detailed feedback and outlining potential paths for their educational advancement. It's an opportunity for you to understand how our tutoring services can further support your child's learning journey, tailored to their unique needs.

Custom Learning Plan

After our discussion, you will receive a Custom Learning Plan, meticulously crafted to reflect your child's assessment results and the next steps we've recommended. This plan not only serves as a roadmap for their learning journey but also incorporates the insights shared during our review session. We're committed to supporting you throughout this process, ready to address any inquiries or considerations you may have.

Engaging interactive lessons

Our live online tutoring sessions provide a dynamic learning environment where students actively participate through discussions and interactive exercises. Unlock your child's potential today!

Active Participation

Student's actively participate in lessons, fostering critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Interactive Online Learning Platforms

We use the online program Nearpod, to deliver engaging and immersive learning experiences. With in-built interactive whiteboards, collaborative note boards, gamification and the ability to answer questions anonymously, with only the tutor knowing who it is, makes it both a fun and safe and supportive learning environment for all learners.

Collaborative Learning

Students collaborate with peers, encouraging teamwork and boosting social and communication skills.

Quality Tutors

Our highly qualified tutors are experts in their respective fields, equipped with the knowledge and passion to inspire young minds. Trust us to deliver exceptional educational support.

Qualified Teachers

All of our tutors are qualified teachers with a Bachelor degree or higher. 

Subject Specialists

Our tutors are subject matter experts dedicated to helping your child grasp the intricacies of each subject. They have extensive experience in online teaching and are skilled at delivering effective virtual lessons.

Enhanced DBS

All of our tutors have Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) checks.

Parents' Portal

We priorities open communication and transparency with our parents. 

Progress Updates

Monitor your child's progress through our detailed progress reports and personalised feedback.

Session Summaries

Review summaries of each tutoring session to stay informed about your child's learning journey.

Additional Resources

Explore supplementary materials and learning resources to support your child's educational growth.

How can we help?

We offer a range of small group tuition services, products and FREE resources to help support your child master the foundations of Maths, Reading and Writing to achieve their full academic potential.

Our Tutoring Program

We offer Maths, Reading and Writing Tuition for students in Year 4, 5 and 6 (aged 8-11).

Our tutoring programs follow our Chilli Tutoring curriculum, aligned with the English National curriculum. Each of our lessons, build upon concepts already taught, to ensure students are continually practising and consolidating prior information, which is the key to mastery.


Diagnostic Assessments

Ages 8 - 11

Want to know what areas your child is excelling in, and which areas they need further support? Our Strengths and Targets assessments will identify your child's learning gaps, helping you make informed decisions about their learning journey.

FREE resources

We offer a range of FREE resources, designed to help you support your child's learning at home. We are continually updating and adding to these resources, so check back regularly or register to join our mailing list to receive all new resources as they are released.

Success stories

All testimonials can be found on Trustpilot.

I love the plans offered by Chilli Tutoring. My son doesn’t just get a lesson but so many extras to help support him. It’s exactly what he needed as with past tutors, one lesson a week just wasn’t helping as much as we would have liked. Looking forward to seeing my sons continued progress.

Victor Parent (AUS)

I was struggling to get my son to read. He thought he wasn't very good at reading so avoided it. After 2 months working with Sheree, his confidence has improved and he now reads with me at night. Thanks so much Sheree!

Janette - Parent (UK)

I’m impressed with the progress my child has made. Even her teacher has commented on the improvements. I’m so glad I found this service.

Thiago - Parent (UK)

Group Tuition

2 lessons week

8 x online group lesson per subject / month (30min)

FORTNIGHTLY report sent to parents

1 hour Homework Club discounted rate £5.

FREE Diagnostic testing with full report every 12 weeks - valued at £45

Flexible Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Additional lessons can be purchased as required.

Maximum of 5 students per lesson

FREE 30 min onboarding session


3 lessons week

12 x online group lessons per subject / month (30min)

WEEKLY report sent to parents

1 hour Homework Club session *optional*

FREE Diagnostic testing with full report every 8 weeks - valued at £45

Flexible Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Additional lessons can be purchased as required.

Maximum of 5 students per lesson

FREE 30 min onboarding session

4 lessons week

16 x online group lessons per subject / month (30min)

WEEKLY report sent to parents

1 hour Homework Club session *optional*

FREE Diagnostic testing with full report every 6 weeks - valued at £45

Flexible Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Additional lessons can be purchased as required.

Maximum of 5 students per lesson

FREE 30 min onboarding session

Fastest Results

5 lessons week

20 x online group lessons per subject / month (30min)

WEEKLY report sent to parents

1 hour Homework Club session *optional*

FREE Diagnostic testing with full report every 6 weeks - valued at £45

Flexible Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Additional lessons can be purchased as required.

Maximum of 5 students per lesson

FREE 30 min onboarding session

1:1 Tuition

4 x online 1:1 lessons per subject / month

Choice between 1 x 60 min or 2 x 30 minute lessons

Fortnightly report sent to parents

FREE Diagnostic testing with full report at the beginning and end of each new content strand  - valued at £45

Flexible rescheduling and cancellation policy

Additional lessons can be purchased at 15% off

FREE 30 minute onboarding session

Homework Club

Bring your homework from school, and complete with help from an expert tutor online - receiving motivation from a tutor and peers.

  • 1 hour group homework session
  • Max 10 students per session
  • Book in and turn up

Unlock your Child's True Potential Today!

Invest in their future with our top-notch tutoring services. Experience the transformative impact on their educational journey.


Who are your tuition programs for?

Our tutoring programs are designed for students who are 8-11 years old, who are working slightly behind their academic year level and have not yet mastered their foundational reading, writing or maths skills.

Our curriculum is designed to assess students starting point, and assign them to a Chilli Level. Students will progress through each Chilli Level, moving up as they master the core content.

If you would like to find out if our program is right for you and your child, book in a call to discuss your options.

Do you offer 1:1 or group tutoring?

We do offer 1:1 tutoring; however most of our tutoring programs are designed to be taught using a group learning approach.

We understand the appeal of personalised attention through 1:1 tutoring. However, we've found this small group model (maximum of 5 students) offers significant benefits for children aged 8-11.

By interacting in a group, students are able to build teamwork, communication skills, and relationships with peers their own age, which aids engagement and social development. Group discussions and activities tend to be more fun and engaging for this age group than isolated 1:1 tutoring. Students also gain exposure to different perspectives and ways of thinking by hearing how their peers approach problems. Having to explain answers in a group builds confidence as well.

While 1:1 tutoring certainly has merits, and is the best option for some students, we've seen first-hand how small group learning can optimise engagement, social growth, and skill development for students through peer interaction and collaboration. 

How many students in each group lesson?

We believe that group learning has major benefits in building students self confidence, their ability to listen and think critically, as well as being exposed to other people's ideas and opinions.

But in order to maximise these benefits, the groups are kept small with no more than 5 students per group.

This allows students to have the community feel of group tutoring (without the overwhelm) while still maximising personalised time with their tutor.

What are 'Drop in Sessions?'

Our weekly optional drop in sessions are designed as an additional opportunity in the week for your child to receive support on their homework, or in an area that they are finding difficult.

They can submit their question up to 12 hours before the drop in session, tune in on Saturdays from 8-10am, and have their questions answered live by one of our tutors.

They can stay and listen to other students questions as well for additional practise if they would like to.

These sessions are not designed to be a structured lesson, but a way for your child to receive a bit of extra support and guidance outside of their learning.

What technology do you use for your online lessons?

To help support students with different learning needs, we use a range of modalities and technologies. These include:

- Google Meet: used to deliver our online lessons.

Google Classroom: houses all of the content that students have access to during their tutoring. This includes videos, pre-assessment and post-assessment and worksheets.

Nearpod: provides the visual learning to students during online lessons. Nearpod is a fantastic tool that allows tutors to provide opportunities for all students to have their say, with no one, other than the tutor, knowing what they have contributed. This supports even the most cautious learning, as they begin to build their confidence. Nearpod also has the ability for tutors to utilise gamification within the platform to assess students learning, in a fun and interactive way.

How often are parents kept up to date on their child's learning?

Parents are kept up to date with their child's journey every step of the way.

Depending on the tutoring package, parents are emailed weekly or fortnightly, with a report on the areas their child is doing well, and targets that their child needs to work on. 

Parents will receive all results for pre and post assessments, as well as diagnostic tests that are completed.

If we, or the parent, ever have any concerns, we can book in a face to face call, or parents can email us at sheree@chillitutoring.com.

What is your approach to homework?

With practise, comes mastery, therefore we provide additional weekly homework tasks for students to complete. For maths related subjects, we use the online program 'Mathletics' and for reading and writing subjects, students will use other online technologies such as Google Docs and Nearpod.

Although your child's teacher will direct students to complete these tasks each week as part of their tutoring program, these activities are completely optional, and are not enforced by the tutor.

If your child has any questions in regards to homework, they can contact their tutor via the Google Classroom, who will provide further support.

How do you motivate and engage students during online lessons?

During on online lessons, we focus on active learning rather than passive learning. This means that all students are involved in groups discussions, worked examples as well as group and independent practise, as opposed to sitting and listening to the tutor teach.

We use the program Nearpod, for all of the visual content of our lessons, as this program allows even the most reluctant learner to fully engage. It provides all students a space to contribute to discussions through text, that only the teacher can see. This provides a safe space for all students to be active learners, even students who are not comfortable sharing their ideas verbally to the whole group. Nearpod also integrates gamification into their software, so consolidation of learning can be practised in a fun and interactive way, that keeps all students motivated and engaged.

How much does tutoring cost with Chilli Tutoring?

We offer three different pricing models to suit all lifestyles and budgets, with pricing starting at £40 a week.

Currently we offer an annual membership (which includes 1 month FREE, or a monthly membership.

You can find more information about our tutoring prices by clicking this link here.