About us
Learn more about what Chilli Tutoring can do for your child.

Chilli Tutoring officially launched mid 2023 with the objective of providing high quality, online tuition to students aged 8-11 years; to help them fill the expanding knowledge gaps left behind due to years of missed school and a fast paced curriculum, and master the foundations in maths, reading and writing.

We aim to deliver exceptional teaching for our students, through high quality, engaging material 

We would like to thank all of our current families who are on their mastery learning journey, and welcome any visitors to our website. We look forward to being able to work with you in the future and get your child started on their mastery learning journey.

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Our Team
Sheree - Founder and Tutor

Qualifications and Certificates

Qualified Teacher Status
15 years experience - Australia and UK
Full Enhanced DBS Check
Teaching and Leading Primary Computing KS1 and KS2
Primary Computing Teaching
How to teach for Mastery of Mathematics
Delivering Effective Blended and Remote Learning
Creating an Inclusive Classroom
Google Certified Educator Level 1
What makes us different?

At Chilli Tutoring, our mission is to support students to master the foundations in reading, writing and maths.

Rather than your child working through a curriculum based on their year level, we have developed our own Chilli Curriculum, based on the English National Curriculum, that are a series of small steps that students work through to master each skill.

Our Chilli Curriculum, allows your child to start their learning journey where they are currently without the pressures or fear of working below their current year level.

We aim to build your child's confidence, one Chilli step at a time, until they have achieved mastery.


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