Online Maths Tuition for Students Age 8-11

Experience our unique approach to maths tuition where we start from each student's proficiency level, ensuring a tailored learning experience. Our curriculum is based on chilli levels, aligned with the English national curriculum.

How our maths mastery tuition is different

Personalised Learning

Our tutors tailor lessons to your child's unique needs, ensuring maximum progress. 

Mastery Focused

Our methodology aims for true comprehension of concepts, not just teaching to tests, to ensure long term success and mastery.

Interactive Sessions

Engaging activities and discussions make learning fun and boost comprehension. 

Knowledge gap filling

Our goal is to elevate your child's skills by addressing deficiencies and not teaching new material that your child is not yet ready for.

Our own curriculum

Our Chilli curriculum is not based on year levels, but instead is a series of small steps towards mastery.

By using our own curriculum we are able to support your child to build maths mastery by meeting them at their level. 

Your child will not be assigned work based on their age or year level, but on their knowledge and abilities.

Building Strong Foundations

Our math programs promote mastery by building the foundations of:


Mastering arithmetic boosts your child's confidence and readies them for advanced math. Our tutoring builds computational fluency and math facts memory so your child can apply arithmetic skills to confidently solve problems. Fostering deep understanding now develops lifelong maths success for your child's future.

Maths Vocabulary

When your child knows essential math vocabulary like sum, difference, divisible or groups of, they can connect new concepts to familiar words. Our tutoring builds your child's math language, allowing them to interpret problems accurately, articulate thinking, and demonstrate comprehension. Strong math vocabulary is key for math mastery.

Reasoning and Problem Solving

Once your child has mastered fundamental math skills, we help them apply this knowledge to reason through multi-step problems. Moving beyond rote arithmetic, our tutoring allows your child to demonstrate mastery by analysing relationships, justifying solutions, and articulating their thought process step-by-step. Developing strong reasoning empowers your child to solve any math problem.

Fun and Engaging Lessons

Learning becomes an enjoyable experience with our creative teaching methods:

Online Games

Your child will love consolidating prior knowledge through engaging online math games at the start of every lesson with us. Games make learning math fun!

Real-World Connections

Using math puzzles and real-world examples makes lessons relatable and intriguing for your child.

Collaborative Learning

Providing a space for your child to share strategies keeps them engaged, while learning from peers teaches different problem-solving approaches.

Designed for success

Our Maths program lays a solid groundwork for exceptional maths skills by:

Individual Feedback

We provide constructive feedback to help your child refine their maths skills.

Continuous Improvement

Regular assessments allow our tutors to gauge progress and adjust your child's lessons accordingly.

Confidence Building

Our supportive environment encourages your child to take risks and express themselves confidently.

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