Unlock the Power of Reading Fluency

Our online reading program supports students aged 8-11 will develop strong reading fluency through engaging children's books. By focusing on fluency and intonation, your child will not only read texts more fluently but also comprehend and enjoy them. Improve your child's reading skills today!

Why Reading Fluency Matters

Enhanced Understanding

Fluent readers grasp the meaning of texts more effectively, improving comprehension.

Confidence Boost

Fluency empowers children to read confidently, leading to a life long, love of reading.

Effective Time Management

Timely reading of texts ensures students complete assignments efficiently.

Benefits of Our reading fluency program

High Quality Texts

Our reading program offers a curated selection of high-quality texts that engage, inspire, and challenge your child, fostering a deep and lasting appreciation for literature.

Engaging Techniques

Our program employs a variety of interactive activities, such as read-aloud sessions, stimulating discussions, and even creative role-playing, to bring the joy of reading to life. We harness technology, audiobooks, and multimedia resources to enhance engagement, making the reading experience dynamic and enjoyable for your child.

Personalised Guidance

Your child receives individualised support and feedback, allowing them to progress at their own pace, build confidence, and develop strong reading skills, tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

Regular Assessment

We use both informal and formal assessments to track your child's progress every six weeks. This allows us to adjust our teaching methods based on their performance and comprehension levels, ensuring that your child is continuously supported and challenged on their reading journey.

Our master reading fluency program

Learning becomes an enjoyable experience with our creative teaching methods:

The Lessons

In every lesson, your child will engage with high-quality texts, forming the foundation for building reading fluency and achieving reading targets. This comprehensive approach covers phonemic awareness, sounding out strategies, vocabulary comprehension, plot development, making predictions, and nurturing confidence in reading aloud.

Our Objective: Building Reading Fluency and a Love for Books

We aim to ignite your child's reading fluency while nurturing a genuine love for books. Even students who typically shy away from chapter books will find themselves captivated by the magical storylines and vibrant characters, transported into the enchanting world of reading.

Built-In Comprehension: Enhancing Fluency & Understanding

Our program emphasises more than just fluency; we embed comprehension within every lesson. Your child will master vocabulary, predict outcomes, draw connections, and uncover hidden meanings by reading between the lines. Our approach ensures a holistic grasp of reading and comprehension.

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