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for students aged 8-11

Unlock your child's writing potential with our online creative writing tuition. Using functional grammar, we teach sentence formation and embed spelling and technical grammatical language. Our engaging lessons build vocabulary and confidence, leading to effective and long-lasting results.

What makes our program stand out?

Personalised Learning

Tailoring instruction to each student's needs and abilities, our program ensures that your child's unique strengths and challenges are addressed, promoting a more effective and rewarding learning experience.

Individualised Curriculum

Our exclusive Chilli Curriculum, based on Englands National Curriculum, enables your child to progress step by step, emphasising skill mastery over age-related benchmarks, fostering a more comprehensive and supportive writing education.

Interactive and Engaging Sessions

Through dynamic and immersive activities, your child stays actively involved, making writing enjoyable and fun while developing essential skills.

Functional Grammar

Functional grammar is a teaching approach that helps your child understand how sentences work in everyday language. We use it to show kids how words and sentences are used to communicate effectively. It's like teaching them how to use language for different purposes, whether it's telling a story, asking a question, or giving instructions. This way, your child learns not just the rules of grammar but also how to use language in real-life situations

Mastery Method

Our Mastery Method Elevates Your Child's Writing to New Heights with 4 steps.

Building Strong Foundations

Our program lays a solid groundwork for exceptional writing skills by:

Teaching Sentence Structure

When your child understands sentence structure, they gain command over writing. Our writing program helps your child learn about key elements like subject-verb agreement, proper punctuation, and different sentence types. Mastering these building blocks allows your child to write clearly, accurately, and creatively. Solid sentence structure knowledge empowers your child to express themselves effectively through writing.

Emphasising Grammar

For your child, emphasising grammar in their writing journey is essential. It provides a sturdy framework for effective communication, ensuring clarity and precision. This foundation fosters mastery, empowering your child with the language skills necessary for academic and professional success.

Boosting Vocabulary

Boosting your child's vocabulary is pivotal for strong foundations in writing. A rich and diverse vocabulary allows your child to express themselves vividly and precisely, enriching the quality and impact of their writing. This not only engages and captivates readers but also nurtures their creative expression.

Fun and Engaging Lessons

Learning becomes an enjoyable experience with our creative teaching methods:

Story Telling Games

Your child will be inspired to unleash their creativity through storytelling games. These interactive activities ignite their imagination and make writing a thrilling adventure.


We harness technology to create a shared collaborative space, ensuring all students, including your child, remain engaged and actively participate in the lesson.

Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts spark your child's imagination, leading them on exciting journeys to distant realms, mysteries, and adventures, making writing a delightful and imaginative experience.

Designed for success

Your child will receive:

Individual Feedback

Your child will benefit from personalised guidance and feedback, ensuring their unique writing needs are addressed, fostering growth and skill development tailored just for them.

Continuous Improvement

Your child benefits from ongoing progress tracking through regular informal testing. This helps us monitor their targets and goals, ensuring they steadily advance in their writing skills and achieve their full potential

Confidence Building

Through our supportive approach, your child gains the confidence needed to excel in writing, empowering them with the skills and self-assurance to express themselves confidently.

Success Stories

Thanks so much Sheree. My daughter’s writing has improved so much, especially her confidence. Her teacher has commented on the improvements and has said she is now consistently punctuating her sentences and using improved vocabulary. I highly recommend Chilli Tutoring if your child is struggling with writing.

James- AUS

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